LBR: The Little Black Romper

Black Velvet Romper

I ordered this romper in the middle of winter. Thinking that I’d find an excuse to wear it during winter. It ended up hanging in my closet for about 4 months until I stumbled upon it again. I’ve literally been wearing it every chance I get. I’m obsessed with the bell sleeves and semi sheer / velvet print. I got it from Lulu’s and it’s on sale right now for $45! Such a bargain! Since sizes are limited, I thought I share some of my favorite black rompers for spring with you guys! I made sure to pick out the cutest cuts and best deals, meaning everything is under $100!

I live and die by the romper. Not only are they super easy to throw on, they’re usually really comfortable! I’ve found that rompers look best when they’re slightly fitted. That way you don’t look like a giant baby with diaper but. I also like to wear a cute boot or bootie, or more decorative style sandal. Generally, I feel like going with black is the safest bet. It’s always slimming and easy to accessorize. Now, the only issue is going to the bathroom. Don’t act like you don’t know the struggle… of being completely naked in the bathroom. 

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