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12 Must Have Travel Carry On Essentials


I’m headed back out on the road next week and am already in packing mode. I like to make sure that I’m completely covered a few days before leaving, just in case I need to make a last minute Amazon Prime order! Since I fly a few times a month, I’ve gotten it down to a science. I have a few things that I always carry in my carry on bag – which doubles as a bus bag. My bag got lost the last time I traveled, so I was glad that I had a few key things in my carry on to hold me over. I wanted to share a few of my travel essentials that will help you survive a flight, layovers & long travel! Continue Reading

DIY Concert Piggy Bank

So your favorite band just announced they’re going on tour. BEST NEWS EVER! The only problem is… your bank account was not prepared for those VIP tickets & t-shirt you have your eye on. The solution? A Concert Bank! It’s not always easy to set money aside, but when it’s this cute, it’s easy to throw your change and extra bucks in! Continue Reading

24 Hours in Charlotte

Erin Aschow Mirror Selfie All Saints Leather Jacket Erin Aschow - The Punch Room in Charlotte North CarolinaErin Aschow Macarons in CharlotteErin Aschow Travel BloggerFresh Honey & Bees on the roof

I’m back guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in the last week. I was traveling & on the road with the world’s worst internet access. Luckily, I stocked up on tons of ideas and pictures for posts! Whenever I go visit my boyfriend, I fly into the city we’re meeting at the night before. Not only because I want to see new cities, but just in case there is a flight delay. I don’t want to miss a flight and not get to him before he leaves for the next city. This time I flew into Charlotte, North Carolina. Just a few miles away from my destination: Carolina Rebellion in Concord. Continue Reading

Summer Skincare Guide

Erin Aschow Revenge Bakery Skincare Erin Aschow Revenge Bakery Skincare Tips Trophy Skinc at home Microdermabrasion Kit Erin Aschow Skincare Routine I get a lot of questions about my skincare routine, so I thought I’d start by sharing a few of my favorite products and tips. I’d like to preface this post with the fact that I DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT have perfect skin. It’s a struggle, I have adult acne, scars, hyper pigmentation & some fine lines. It’s the real world people! I haven’t jumped into the world of high tech lasers, botox or fillers. Not to say I have anything against them or would rule them out completely, but my goal is to wait as long as possible. I think there’s something to be said about aging gracefully. I’m not even 30 yet! Continue Reading


Na-Kd Shirt - Erin Aschow of Revenge Bakery

What if I told you… there was a super cool club where you could meet other girls with similar interests, mindsets & talk about whatever you wanted!? THERE IS! I created a super exclusive Facebook Group- ok it’s not that exclusive, you just have to join and be nice! Continue Reading

New Music: Metal Monday Playlist

New Spotify Playlist by Erin Aschow of Revenge Bakery

I’ve gotten a ton of requests lately for more Spotify playlists. So why not celebrate Monday with some Metal! I grew up in a metal home – meaning my family broke me into the world of angry music at a young age. I’m still pretty die hard when it comes to all things heavy rock, metal & alternative music. I love listening to metal when I’m working out, driving or sitting at the computer. Definitely helps me get in the zone! Continue Reading

Style Steal: Booties on a Budget

Jeffrey Campbell Taggart Dupe at Target

I’m a huge fan of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, but not a huge fan of the price. I got lucky and found Jeffrey Campbell’s Taggart Bootie on sale for 70% off, but it’s hard to justify paying almost $200 for a pair of shoes. Since I’ve worn them a few times and have gotten questions about them, I’ve been on the hunt for a better deal. Aka a dupe.  Continue Reading

DIY: Give Your Vans a Patch Makeover

Summer Fashion Patches DIY Vans by Erin Aschow

Revenge Bakery Lifestyle Blog DIY Patch Vans Shoes Project

It seems like all of the cool kids I follow are wearing a ton of cute pieces that are styled with patches. I love how nostalgic the whole patch trend feels. It reminds me of my tricked out girl scout uniform – you better believe I sold the sh*t out of some cookies in my prime. I also still have my denim jacket from high school that I started adding band patches to – which totally wasn’t cool at the time, but I obviously didn’t care. Continue Reading

Revenge on Swim Suit Season with the BodyBoss Fitness Guide

Fitness Program

Body Boss Workout Program

Erin Aschow Fitness

Fitness Program

You guys, it’s almost summer! Which means shorts are getting shorter, tops are getting smaller and my least favorite shopping will happen… swimsuits. I also promised that I’d share more of healthy content and details about how I stay fit. I exercise about 4-5 days a week, but since summer is just around the corner I decided to to get down to business. I recently found BodyBoss Method online, which is a 12 week program… aka the Ultimate Body Fitness Guide! Basically, it’s a structured routine of fun/high intensity workouts.  Continue Reading