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Healthy Tips: Breaking Bad Habits

We’ve all got bad habits. Whether it’s biting our nails, swearing or forgetting to change the toilet roll when the paper runs out. But did you know you can also have bad eating habits?

Most of us already know we’re guilty of this in one way or another. I eat pretty healthy most of the time, but have my moments. I’m guilty of late night eating. Usually I’m not even hungry. But when I start getting sleepy, I start wanting snacks! 

So how do we break the bad habits?

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The Art of Not Giving a Sh*t

no shits given

This morning I got so wound up reading BS on the internet. I’ll admit it, every once in a while… I give into the black hole of Instagram and reviewing the nastiness out on my feed. 

Close your eyes. You hear that buzzing. It sounds kind of like when a light bulb goes out? Those are all of the shits running around playing freeze tag in your brain. Slowly driving you crazy. Those little buggers are what are holding you back. They’re what are keeping you from going after that job you want, going up to those girls you really want to be friends with, asking for a raise, trying a new hobby…

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Choosing the Career Path of Least Resistance

Career Path of Least Resistance

Over the weekend I met up with some friends for drinks. You can probably guess our topic of conversation: boys, boys, boys. NOT! Literally 75% of our conversations revolve around careers and success. What am I doing with my life? What should I do next? Have I made the right decisions? Am I on the right path? What am I doing wrong? 

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RIP Self Shaming, Hello Posi Vibes

Macy'd Ideology Body Positivity

What exactly is body positivity? Ok, so it seems like kind of a silly question. But, I feel like a lot of people graze over and don’t really know what the “full deal” is. I, like most women, am guilty of not always being kind and considerate of my own feelings. It’s hard not to compare yourself to what you see on Instagram, on TV & in your every day life.

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Hungry Girls Run on Dunkin’

dunkin donuts

So this morning, I woke up to go to the gym (I’ve been on a 5 a week routine) and was super pooped. I literally felt hung over, even though I haven’t had anything to drink in weeks. So I did my Orange Theory (if you’re not on the OT wagon, you’re missing out) and was on my way to run my typical Monday errands (Costco, Target, Grocery Store, Dog Food, blah, blah, blah). As I was driving, it hit me… the hunger. A deep, workout induced hunger that could only be cured by one thing… carbs.

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A Recipe for Clear Skin (and it smells like dessert)

Revenge Facial Recipe

My biggest “beauty” tip: Wear sunscreen.

I’m kind of crazy when it comes to applying and reapplying sunscreen, especially on my face. I always have sunscreen in my purse and if I sense some clouds clearing, I’ll quickly spray myself down.

When it comes to my skin, I’ve tried just about everything. 

My ride or die skin buddy: Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. I’ve been using these bad boys for as long as I can remember. I use them after the gym, at the beach, at night to take my makeup of… you name it. They’re alcohol free, so they keep my face from drying out and are gentle enough not to cause a bunch of irritation or burn my eyes.

But I don’t stop there, I’m all about cleansing and exfoliating. There are a ton of products on the market, some are awesome, some suck, some are crazy expensive, some dirt cheap.  Chances are, I’ve tried. But I always come back to one of my good, old fashioned face scrub recipes. That’s right, a recipe! You can make it at home and chances are you’ve got the majority of the ingredients in your cabinet. One thing I love is that they’re all natural ingredients. There aren’t any chemicals or weird words I don’t know how to pronounce. It’s also relatively inexpensive compared to the products you’ll find at Sephora or even the drugstore. 

Here’s what you’ll need:
Coconut Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Vitamin E-Oil
Baking Soda

Al of these  products work together to treat acne, redness, scarring and removing excess dirt, oil and exfoliating dead skin off.

How? Well let’s start with Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil has antibacterial, healing and moisturizing properties that condition, nourish, and soothe the skin’s blemishes. Tea Tree Oil helps with acne and dark spots. Vitamin E-Oil is both a nutrient and antioxidant, it helps with fine lines & wrinkles, dryness & scars. Baking SodaBaking soda is sodium bicarbonate, a natural substance  that has antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic and antim-inflammatory properties.  Obviously I’m not a dermatologist, so try this out on a small piece of your skin before going crazy. But luckily, all of these ingredients are natural and shouldn’t cause any irritation.

Mix 2 tablespoons of Coconut Oil, a few drops each of Tea Tree and Vitamin E and about 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda in a small bowl. Then gently rub it on your face in a circular motion. Rinse with cold water. 

I’ve also recently been using the Spin for Perfect Brush for a little over a month. I love that it comes with a ton of different attachments, like a body brush, cleansing brush, exfoliator brush & a pumice stone (so you can scrub those feet in between pedicures). It’s made a huge difference in my skin. It’s definitely evened out the texture of my skin and my pores look significantly smaller. 

If you want to get your spa on, light a candle and crack open some Bloke Body Scrub. I’m already on my 4th bag! Their secret ingredient: COFFEE! I know, sounds weird. But combination of coffee, brown sugar and coconut oil leaves your skin super soft and you basically smell like dessert!