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Squaw Valley Tahoe: All About the Apres Ski Life

The Resort at Squaw Creek   This last week we took a fun family trip to Tahoe! I grew up going to Tahoe a few times a year, so it was so fun finally getting to go back with the whole gang! We met my dad at my favorite spot, Resort at Squaw Creek. It’s hard not to love Squaw Valley, the weather is great, you can ski or snowboard straight from your room & there’s tons of awesome food. You can basically aprรจs-ski your face off at any of the restaurants, bars or even outdoor snow covered hot tubs! Continue Reading

SXSW Guide & Playlist

Festival season is upon us! So many awesome music and entertainment festivals coming up – starting with one of my all time favorites, SXSW (aka South by Southwest). I get a lot of questions about shows and which festivals I recommend, so I thought it would be fun to start by doing a breakdown of SXSW and my “pro tips”.

SXSW is a massive festival/conference filled with music, networking, and inspiration in Austin, Texas! This yearโ€™s event includes expanded access for all badge types with a ton of new opportunities for learning, networking, and discovery. There are a ton of different way’s to experience SXSW and there’s a ton of information online. I highly recommend starting by browsing Pinterest. There are tons of tips, recaps & ideas. But where do you begin?

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24 Hour Vacation: Minneapolis Edition

Radisson Blu Minneapolis

At the end of my trip to Canada, I decided to spend a day in Minneapolis. So random, I know. But it was the easiest flight back to San Diego. I’ve never been there either, so it seemed like a good opportunity to cross it off of my bucket list! 

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Packing Light: 1 Week in Canada

Hello Canada! I’m so pooped. I got up at 3:45 this morning to make it to the airport. I finally landed in Edmonton and am so excited for my adventures this week!

I’m staying at the coolest hotel, attached to the airport! The Renaissance is literally attached to the hotel but feels like I’m in one of the coolest boutique hotels. I’m about to go hang with some of the girls who work here and have them show me around / try some food out! 

I thought it would be fun to give you guys a peak into my packing style! I’m going to be in Canada for 1 week and it’s supposed to be chilly! Since I’m meeting up with my boyfriend for a few days, I had to pack light. I  make sure that I pick pieces that are easy to mix & match and layer. 

I’m fairly casual, so I bring a couple of sweatshirts, sweaters & t-shirts to mix & max. A warm down jacket & gloves are key! I accessorize/stay extra warm with a scarf and beanie! Another pro tip: I always bring leggings! They’re comfortable to travel in and easy to wear with different outfits!

Travel Vibes: Arizona

Mercedes Benz


So we’re officially NOT on vacation anymore. But that doesn’t mean I can’t relive it all by going through the pics and posting them for you guys to see! 

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Greetings from Scottsdale

Four Seasons Scottsdale

Luggage: Calpak Leather Jacket: All Saints Hat: Dead View Sunglasses: Diff

Greets from freezing Arizona! We took a quick little trip to Scottsdale this past week and boy oh boy was it cold! I knew the desert got chilly, but I was not expecting rain and freezing days!

We were trying to find somewhere fun to get away that wasn’t too far from home. Since we only had a couple of days before we had to get back, I started searching for spots that were a quick flight. We tossed around San Francisco, Las Vegas & Seattle… but we end up going to all of those cities pretty frequently because of tour routings. 

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Revenge Travels: Inside My Suitcase, Tips & Tricks

Fun fact, one of my favorite things to do: pack! There’s something so calming about folding & organizing. I know, I’m crazy. I love doing laundry and organizing my closet & drawers too. It’s like, my zen time. 

As you know, I travel… A LOT! I’ve gotten my own routine and have to say I’m pretty good at packing & prepping. Packing for Europe was a little tricky because I didn’t want to bring a giant bag. In a perfect world, I’d bring 2 magnum suitcases filled with anything and everything. But, I’m fairly low maintenance and can plan out ways to get the most bang for my packing buck. 

Tip #1: Get good luggage. I know you’re thinking, what’s the big deal? But I know from experience, all luggage is not created equally. I prefer suitcases that are “double sided”. Having two sections helps me stay organized, instead of having a giant pile of stuff in my suitcase. It keeps thinks neat during travel because everything is accessible. I am obsessed with my Marble luggage from Calpak. It came with a set of 3 suitcases (that nest) making it really easy to store them. You can also buy a set of two or individually (like this carry on). They recently started selling an ammmmazing looking black marble set too, major drools. 

Tip #2: A cross body bag. I always, always, always travel with a cross body style bag. Not only is it comfortable, but you can keep your bag closer! I get a little stressed carrying around cash and my passport, so having my bag close to me is really nice. I got my Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody on Gilt (for like $50), but she makes a ton of cute styles that you can find on sale pretty frequently.




Tip #3: Roll, roll, roll. That’s right, don’t fold your stuff, roll it! I usually pick out some basics, t-shirts, sweaters & black jeans. That way, everything matches! Then, you can mix and match & pack less! The tricky part about traveling in the winter is that jackets & sweaters are bulky. Rolling not only saves space, but keeps things from getting wrinkled! Some other necessities: gloves, beanies, tights (for wearing under pants to stay warm, comfy sweats, a scarf, layering options (think t-shirts & sweaters) & basic jewelry. I bought most of my stuff from Forever 21 & Boohoo! The UBER CUTE “python” printed track pants I had on for my flight are from one of my favorite new brands INDAH. (Pro Tip: If you sign up for their mailing list, you can get 10% off your first order!)




Tip #4: Bring smart shoes! Ok, so you have a super cute pair of wedges you want to bring. Think long and hard… are you going to want to wear them in the rain, or walking around for 5 hours? I’m all about finding cute, comfortable shoes. I brought a pair of Nikes, my super cute/more stylish snakeskin sneaker/booties from Lucky & a pair of waterproof boots from Boohoo!

Tip #5: Get a smart toiletry bag. I used to have like 4 mini bags spread out all over my suitcase with different products in them. I recently invested in an “all in one” bag from Sonia Kashuk from Target. Totally worth the $20 because it has compartments to fit all of my makeup, brushes, shower stuff, toothbrush, hair stuff, etc. The only thing that doesn’t fit is my trusty GHD Hair Wand! Literally the greatest hair curling wand ever. Every time one of my friends uses it, they order one for themselves the next day.

Euro Trip 2016

Hey friends!! I’m back! And I’m so excited to share more about my trip with you! There’s something about traveling alone that is really motivating and empowering. I flew to Europe last week to meet my boyfriend and had the best time! At the end of the day, I have fun everywhere I go to visit him, but being able to go to Europe for a week to explore is definitely memorable!

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