5 Tips for the Anxious Traveler

5 Tips for the anxious traveler by Fashion Blogger Erin Aschow wearing Flamingo Show Me Your Mumu Dress in DenverErin Aschow Fashion Blogger Four Seasons Denver Travel StyleErin Aschow Fashion Blogger Four Seasons Denver Travel Style

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We got back from Denver almost a week ago and I’ve been totally slacking on editing photos and video from our trip. If you follow me on the gram, you may have noticed my hand is out of commission. I woke up during our trip to insane pain in my middle finger and hand and ended up in urgent care. Sadly, the time we spent at the doctor’s ate into a lot of our sight seeing. But we were still able to do, see & eat quite a bit in the few days we had! I can’t wait to share more pictures from our stay at the Four Seasons Denver.

While I slowly try to edit with my one-hand, I thought it would be fun to share my top 5 Tips for dealing with travel anxiety. Weird, I can’t leave my unwanted BFF friend anxiety at home when I’m on vacation? NOPE! She comes with me everywhere, even when I’m trying to relax and get away. Erin Aschow Fashion Blogger Four Seasons Denver Travel StyleFashion Blogger Erin Aschow Show Me Your Mumu Dress in DenverOpen Back Tropical Dress - Show Me Your Mumu - Erin Aschow Fashion Blogger

Tips for Dealing with Travel Anxiety

Make a Packing List

Ok this seems like common sense. But creating a packing list doesn’t only help you prepare for your trip, it helps you stay chill before & during travel. I check the weather using an app called Dark Sky and pack accordingly. But just to be safe (and less stressful), I always bring a backup option in case the weather changes. Then, I make a list of all of the days I’ll be gone, tentative activities & the types of clothes I’ll need for each day. That way I have a plan for the things I’m pulling out of my closet.

I list everything from my clothes, jewelry, electronics and toiletries to the number of pairs of socks I need. If you’re new to traveling, they even make a ready-to-go packing list note pad! It’s great because it reminds you to bring things like deodorant, perfume and toothpaste.

Print Your Itinerary

I have all of my flight, hotel & travel information saved in my phone. But I also like having physical copies of everything. For some reason it just makes me feel reassured having an extra hard copy. Not to mention it’s good to have incase your phone dies or you’re traveling somewhere without cell service!

I like to keep everything in a file folder for safe keeping and easy access in my carry on!

Pack a Carry On

One of the key elements to fighting my travel anxiety is my carry on bag. Remember the “hug” Maggie makes Peter in Hook? Having all of my important things close by is really important to me and actually helps keep me relaxed.

I love using this travel tote because it has a ton of compartments and a ton of room. There’s a spot for my laptop, my file folder, phone, some toiletries, phone & computer charger, book, wallet, headphones & snacks! Being organized and having all of my “things” ready makes me feel relaxed and reassured. Not to mention it’s always good to keep your important things with you in case your baggage gets lost!

Create a Travel Playlist

I have a few go to songs that I play any time I start feeling anxious. It only makes sense that I would have a complete travel playlist! You can put any kind of music on it, I just recommend picking songs that make you feel comfortable and distracted. I try to pick songs that are mellow, but also distracting. If you’re looking for some  ideas, you can check out my Travel Playlist on Spotify! One of the best investments I’ve ever made (for travel & daily life) was in noise-cancelling headphones. Not only are they great for listening to music, they block out any other noise around you. Which makes it way easier to relax and tune out things that cause stress. There are a ton of different noise cancelling headphone options for any budget.

Check-in with Home Base

One of the most important things in dealing with my anxiety while I travel is making sure I have someone to check in with. Whether it’s a friend or family member, I like having someone that I can text when I’m feeling overwhelmed or even when I have down time just to keep me feeling grounded. Sometimes just the process of checkin in with someone familiar will help you feel more relaxed in an unfamiliar place.

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