The DL: Amazon Prime Day 2017

So WTF is Amazon Prime Day? You guys know I basically live off of Amazon Prime. If I run out of coffee, I can get free same day delivery on my Nespresso Pods, they have tons of cute & affordable clothes, I can stock up on makeup and beauty products and even have toilet paper delivered automatically. You think I’m joking about that last one… nope, I can always count on Amazon to deliver those important items in under 2 days.

So what exactly is Amazon Prime Day? Once a year… on July 10th this year at 6 PM PT (9 PM ET) Prime Day is a one-day only world-wide sale exclusively for Prime members. Amazon has a Prime Day landing page, but it’s only show a tiny fraction of all the deals. You might also think that the deals themselves are all that you can save, but there are tons more. AND, there are ways to save more money on top of the deals. If you aren’t somewhat prepared for the sale, you’re going to be overwhelmed. So, I’m giving some of my top tips & picks for shopping the sale.

You Have to be an Amazon Prime Member to Shop the Sale

If you’re already a member, you’re all set.

If you’re not, you have a few options:

  • Ball out and sign up. It’s only $99 a year and totally worth it. You can learn more about all of the benefits, from free movie streaming and free music to free 2 day shipping on all of your favorite things. You can also share your membership with your family for free!
  • If you’ve never been a member, you can get a free 30 day free trial! So even if you’re not sure you want a membership, sign up for the free trial before Prime day to get the benefits! Just make sure to cancel before your 30 days are up if you don’t want to continue the subscription.
  • If you’re a student you can get a free 6-month trial! After your trial is up, you get 50% off of your Prime membership ($49 per year)!
  • If you’re not a student & already used your trial, Amazon also offers 1 month of Prime for only $10.99!

Get $10 in Credit for Prime Day!

Who doesn’t want a little extra cash to spend!? All you have to do is follow these directions:

Get $20 in Credit for Prime Now!

  • If you’re signed up for Amazon Prime, you also get their Prime Now service which gives you same day delivery on certain items.
  • If you place an order before July 11th (using code 10PRIMEDAY) you’ll get $10 off your first order and $10 off your next order!

Deals that are already Live

4 Months of Unlimited Amazon Music of $0.99! (similar to Spotify or Pandora for streaming music)

Get a free 30-day trial and 2 free audiobooks on Audible

A Few Tips:

Keep an eye out for Spotlight, Lighting & Savings deals. Spotlight deals are based on stock, lighting is based on a specific amount of time & savings run all day.

Be sure you’re following me on Twitter and Instagram (click “Turn on Post Notifications”) because I’ll be sharing links to deals all day.

I like using  Amazon App – for some reason it’s easier for me to keep track and shop on it. During Prime Day, if you click “Watch This Deal” on a sale, you’ll get an alert when it starts. Pro Tip: all deals are listed 24 hours before they go live.

If you have an Amazon EchoEcho DotAmazon TapFire TV, or Fire Tablet device, you can ask your device “Alexa, what are your deals”. Alexa will be able to tell you a ton of deals, including exclusive Alexa-only deals.

Obviously having free 2-day shipping is the major perk of having Amazon Prime. But if you pick “Free Standard Shipping” Amazon will give you $1-$5 worth of Amazon credits!

What Can You Buy?

To get started, check out my Favorite Fashion and Beauty Picks – You can even subscribe to these Pinterest boards to stay updated after Prime Day.

Head over to Amazon & Click on Today’s Deals.When you click “Watch This Deal”, you can track all of the deals you’re interested in here. This works for Prime Day and throughout the rest of the year. It’s a great way to track price drops on things you want! You can even have Amazon notify you when there’s a price drop.

There will be a TON of stuff on sale. Last year, there were huge discounts on Amazon products like Kindles, Fire tabletsEcho. Whether you need a new pair of shoes and a new TV or just want to stock up on some of your beauty faves, there will be tons of sale items to choose from!

 A few of my faves on Amazon:


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