Chic DIY Black Pumpkins

 Chic DIY Black Pumpkins Chic DIY Black Pumpkins

It’s almost Halloween and my DIY vibes are in FULL FORCE right now! I got so many questions and responses about my DIY Marble Pumpkins, that I thought I’d share another super fun project! I love carving pumpkins, but it totally sucks when they start rotting after like 5 hours. All of your hard work literally dies before your eyes. So lame, right!? This year I’m boycotting carved pumpkins.

I’m all about fake flowers, fake christmas trees & fake pumpkins. They last forever and don’t get stinky. They also tend to be more ‘cost effective’. You can even get “carvable fake pumpkins now” — what a time to be alive!

 Chic DIY Black Pumpkins Chic DIY Black Pumpkins Chic DIY Black Pumpkins Chic DIY Black Pumpkins

To make my faux-kins a little more stylish, I decided to give them an “all black makeover”. It’s super easy and you can use either real or fake pumpkins. I’ve also found that you can get mini-pumpkins on Amazon for a fraction of the cost. They’re the perfect size for home decor, table decor and gifts. I think I might even keep mine for edgy “Nightmare Before Christmas” inspired holiday decorations.


In addition to the pumpkins, the only thing you need is black spray paint. I used Rust Oleum 2x Spray because you can use it on basically any surface including wood, plastic, metal, wicker, plaster or unglazed ceramic. AND it’s super durable, so if you leave pumpkins outside, they’ll be fine and won’t make a mess all over your porch.

I recommend laying a trash bag or some newspaper down before you start spraying your pumpkin. You don’t want to end up with black spray paint all over the place… or do you??

Hold the can about 1 foot away and spray in downward strokes to cover the entire pumpkin with black spray paint. Let it dry for about 20 minutes before turning it over to get any spots you missed on the bottom. That’s literally all there is to it. They will dry in about 20 minutes and you’re ready to go!

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