DIY Glam Black Sequined Clothes Hangars

DIY Black Sequined Clothes Hangar

I love a good sparkle. I’ll take any opportunity to wear or cover something in sequins, jewels or sparkles. My goal in life is to be an old woman who wears leopard print track suits with sequined hats and layers of jewelry. One of the problems I’ve encountered in my quest to cover the world in glitter is that there really isn’t enough black sequined merchandise. So, I took it upon myself to make some! Clothing hangers are a really fun way to spice up your closet or rolling racks. They also make great gifts and are a really pretty way to showcase an outfit in photos. I got the idea when I saw a pink sequined clothing hanger for sale on etsy, marketed as a “wedding dress hanger”

Easy DIY Sequined Hangers

There’s no need to wait until your wedding day or spend a bunch of money, because you can easily make a few for yourself! The majority of my closet is filled with black, so I chose black sequins and a red accent ribbon. But you can really use any color combination you want! After all was said and done, each hanger cost me about $2! Such an awesome gift idea, right!? They sell for $40+ on etsy, so you could even start a little side hustle if you want!

Supplies You’ll Need

I bought my hangers on sale at Ikea, but you can also buy similar ones on Amazon and from Bed Bath & Beyond. I recommend using 1″ elastic sequin trim. It’s a lot easier to work with and comes in tons of colors. I used 3/8″ Velvet ribbon, but you can use any texture or size you want.


DIY Black Sequined Clothes Hangar DIY Black Sequined Clothes HangarDIY Black Sequined Clothes Hangar

It’s super easy to make these, the one piece of advice I have is to go slowly! If you try to rush through it, you’ll end up with a mess. I recommend starting at the end, it’s easier to wrap that way. Glue the end and wait until the glue has cooled completely before wrapping. I glued my trim a few “twists at a time” and then let it dry. You basically just wrap the sequins around the hanger until it’s all covered. When you get to the other end, glue it in place and then trim after.

A Few Tips

DIY Black Sequined Clothes Hangar DIY Sequined Clothes Hangar

  • Be careful with the hot glue! It’s easy to burn your fingers.
  • Put a little glue on both sides before wrapping the trim around.
  • You can pull the elastic trim a bit to get more “bang for your buck”.
  • Wait to tie a bow around the metal part of the hanger until last.
  • Wooden hangers are easiest, the plastic ones are a little trickier to work with.
  • You don’t want to use hot glue on plastic hangers.

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