DIY Spa Day: How To Pamper Yourself At Home

Treat Yo Self: DIY Spa Day

There’s really nothing better than a spa day. Relaxing, listening to soothing music & detoxing from your daily life. Just because you can’t visit a fancy day spa doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to an at-home spa day. Throwing a face mask on is great, but with a little planning you can take your at-home relaxation to the  next level. Follow these simple steps to decompress & create a relaxing, at home spa experience.

At Home Spa Day

I’ve been to my fair share of spas. I’ll admit it, I’m a spa-oholic. That being said, I know a thing or two about creating an at-home spa day menu. Whether you’re an early morning person, or a late riser, I recommend setting aside a few hours. You can give yourself a solo spa sesh, or invite your girls over and make it a party.

One of the main reasons I don’t live at the spa is because it’s expensive! Instead, I invest in a few products that I can reuse for multiple at-home spa days. I try to look at it as “saving money” or a long term investment (you can tell yourself that to justify a little pre-spa shopping spree)!

DIY Spa Day at Home Essentials

Spa Day Essentials

  • My all time favorite candles is Capri Blue from Anthropologie. Pick up a candle (or 5) to help you set the mood. You can also use an essential oil diffuser to help give your room that “spa smell”. I actually use my diffuser daily to help zen me out while I work and before bed. I’m obsessed with THIS marble one from Target. You can get an essential oil kit that has a ton of different oils on Amazon for under $20. I like using Lavender and Tea Tree to chill out and a little Peppermint towards the end to wake up.
  • You know how I feel about robe life. The first thing I do when I start a vacation is put on a hotel robe. So, one of the best ways to kickstart the relaxation is to throw on a luxe robe. If you don’t already own one, I’m a fan of THIS chenille robe that makes you feel like you’re wearing a blanket around the house.
  • Pick up a new face mask. I’m obsessed with GLAMGLOW GRAVITYMUD – it’s one of those fun peel off masks. After you put it on, it changes color to a unicorn-esque chrome color. It makes your skin feel tight & super smooth.
  • A bath pillow is a must have. I know it sounds super tacky, but what’s worse than being in a nice bath and not being able to get comfortable because you have to hold your head up? I really like THIS gel pillow because it contours to your neck. I also like that you can just rinse it off instead of having to wash it like a fabric pillow.
  • I recently picked up a BLING BOMB and am obsessed – after the bath bomb dissolves, it reveals a little surprise prize! Bath bombs are a perfect way to take your bath experience to the next level. If you feel like splurging, pick up one of LUSH‘s epic bath bombs.

DIY Spa Day Revenge Bakery Erin Aschow At Home Spa

DIY Spa Day

Take your time with this head-to-toe spa treatment to recharge.  You’ll feel like you’re floating on cloud 9 all the way to bedtime. Here’s the plan:

Step One: Set the Mood

One of my favorite parts of visiting a spa is the relaxing music they put on when you get a treatment. Pick a theme for the day and find a Spotify playlist! There are tons of options. If you want a traditional spa vibe, I recommend THIS playlist. I like to give my at-home spa experience a Hawaiian twist to make me feel like I’m really on vacation, so I play a Lomi Lomi Playlist.

Then, light your candles and turn on your diffuser. Remember, be sure to choose calming smells like lavender or vanilla. Dim the lights (if you don’t have a dimmer, turn them off and leave a lamp on), we don’t want any harsh lighting.

Step Two: Prep the Bath

A bath is a must have for any at-home spa day. Throw in your bath bomb or even some bubbles! Set your candles up around the tub & recharge. Want to go the DIY route? You can also use tea to make an herbal bath! Take a few Chamomile tea bags and brew a few cups of VERY strong tea. When your bath is ready, pour the tea in! It’s great for relaxing and helps dry, irritated skin!

Step Three: Throw on a Mask & Multitask

Multitasking doesn’t have to be stressful! TBH, sitting in a mask can get kind of boring. After you put your face mask on, file your nails or trim your cuticles! That way, they’re ready to be painted when you’re done! You can also throw on a hair mask to show your head a little love.

Step Four: Pour Yourself a Drink 

I love drinking tea or flavored water to set the mood and rehydrate. Hydrating is a necessity during spa day, you can even make your own flavored water! Not only does it taste good, it looks super pretty! Throw a few slices of lemon or orange and a few mint leaves in! If you’re 21+, save the wine or champagne until the end! You don’t want to fall asleep dehydrated!

Step Five: Optional Upgrades

This is totally optional, but when I’m at the spa, sometimes I’ll opt for a little maintenance. While it’s not relaxing, getting your eyebrows or legs waxed does make you feel pretty fancy afterwards. I mean, hello… no icky stubble! You can even get your own At Home Wax Kit– just make sure you follow the directions!

You can also invest in more permanent hair removal. I have the LumaRx Hair Removal System, it uses IPL to permanently reduce hair. You can use it on your underarms, face, bikini, legs or arms. It’s definitely a great option if you hate shaving and waxing like me!

DIY Spa Day Revenge Bakery Erin Aschow At Home Spa

DIY Spa Day Revenge Bakery Erin Aschow At Home Spa

Step Six: Mani Pedi

No trip to the spa is complete without a manicure and pedicure. If you have a short attention span, just stop at the nail trim and throw on some lotion. I like to throw on a little polish and let it dry while I unwind with a little TV. Throw on a movie, sip your drink & unwind!


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    So glam glow has their charcoal masks that are super expensive but there are alternatives. Perfectly Posh has one exactly the same and is all natural! I am in love with it. I’d love to send you some products for you to try and possibly review on your blog if you wanted to. I honestly just want to spread the love lol. I have all types of scrubs that are all natural and smell amazing and work so good. They have actual sugar in their scrubs because it’s not as if abrasive as the beads that are normally put into scrubs. But yeah thought I’d give ya a little info on alternitaves. I do love glam glow too though if and when I have the money to splurge on something it’s normally some kind of mask or spa thing to do at home. I do all my own mani/pedis as well. I own hundreds of indie polishes which are basically 5-9free which means they’re free of 5-9 different chemicals. One of them being formaldehyde,toluene, and other harsh chemicals. They are mainly small businesses that make them. You can always just google five free polish or 7&9 free. My favorite is called Nail Nation 3000, Enchanted Polish, and Cupacke polish. They make some beautiful polish! Just wanted to share ☺️ I love at home spa days with y girlfriends. We watch movies and do things when we have them so it’s super fun and those polishes are safe for kids.

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