Q&A with Mega Babe Danielle Victoria

Interview with model Danielle Victoria by Erin Aschow on Revenge BakeryInterview with model Danielle Victoria by Erin Aschow on Revenge Bakery
I have such a fun surprise for you guys today!! I have a very special guest on Revenge Bakery: Danielle Victoria! Danielle is a model and influencer, and also one of my bff’s! She’s literally one of the sweetest, genuine & kind hearted people I know. Not to mention she’s a total babe and badass beauty! Danielle and I met about 3 years ago because our boyfriends are in a band together! Along the way, we’ve bonded over our mutual love of cheese, Real Housewives & lonely girl status when our boyfriends are away. I thought it would be fun to ask her some questions so that you guys could get to know her a little better! Not only is Danielle absolutely gorgeous, she’s a badass business babe with a ton of awesome advice.

Let’s do this!

Interview with model Danielle Victoria by Erin Aschow on Revenge BakeryInterview with model Danielle Victoria by Erin Aschow on Revenge Bakery

Q & A with Danielle Victoria

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Well to start, I’m Danielle! I live in sunny San Diego California, I’m a red head with more freckles than I can count, and I have been modeling for the last 10 years. I can’t pass an animal without talking to it, I love plants and all things nature related. I grew up in a small town in Northern California surrounded by mountains, lakes, and rivers, and I think thats where my love for the outdoors came from. Get me outside and I’m a happy camper!

When did you start modeling?

I started modeling when I was a freshman in high school at the young age of 14. A talent scouting event came through my home town and changed my life!

What inspired you to take your modeling to the next level?

When I first went to that talent scouting event I didn’t think it would be an on going thing. I thought, “Yeah this will be a nice way to make some extra cash while I’m in high school and will help me pay for my college degree so I can become a teacher.” What a JOKE. After my first shoot I knew I was where I was supposed to be. Instantly I was obsessed with everything to do with the fashion industry. I studied all of the biggest supermodel’s careers, learned who the most well known photographers were and what they were doing, and I kept up with all of the designers in the spotlight. I had a stack of Vogue magazines next to my bed that I would flip through constantly. I wanted this to be my life and I fully engulfed myself in it.

When did you decide to move to LA & what advice do you have for anyone considering moving to LA for modeling?

Once I hit 18 and after I graduated high school, I had been modeling for 4 years and I was hungry to get further in the industry. My modeling agency in San Francisco told me that if I wanted this to be my full time career, I really needed to make the move to LA. San Francisco has great opportunities but Los Angeles and New York are where the fashion industry truly resides. So that was all I needed to hear. At the end of that summer I took the plunge and moved to LA into a tiny apartment without knowing anyone, or having any roommates, or furniture besides a bed and a nightstand! My best advice for anyone considering a modeling career and moving to LA is to BE YOURSELF. You’re going to meet a lot of “fake” people in this industry and it’s very easy to lose sight of who you really are if you aren’t careful.

Why do you need a manager/agent?

Before the rise of social media, the only way that big and popular brands would see new models was through modeling agencies and managers setting up “go-see’s” or “castings.” Agencies also have websites showcasing all of the models that are signed to that agency so the brand or client can basically shop through their roster and see which model fits the look that they want for a specific campaign they are trying to shoot.

How has Instagram changed modeling?

Social media in general has completely altered the modeling industry. Brands and companies are now spending the money they used to spend on models for magazine ads on influencers, bloggers, and YouTubers. Social media hits the consumer directly in a way that makes you feel like you’re actually not being sold something. It’s very unfortunate for models because the jobs have significantly decreased. Luckily I have developed a following on social media as well so I am benefiting from the change as well as suffering from it.

Favorite Food?

Oh man… If I had to pick one I’d say any kind of potato. French fries, mashed, roasted, shredded, hashbrowns, you name it.

Share one of your secret beauty tips!

It’s not really a secret, but wear SPF if you’re going outdoors for longer then 30 minutes! The sun causes so many issues with skin and the less you’re in it the better, but if you have to be in it, make sure your skin is protected with sunscreen.

One thing you can’t live without…

Baths. I’m addicted.

What’s in your bag (and what kind of bag are you carrying)?

Right now I’m carrying a little black backpack with fringe on it. All I have in it is my wallet, sunscreen and a Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit. I change my purses a lot so I try to keep it simple.

One piece of advice you’d give anyone who wants to become a model.

Don’t give up! It can be very discouraging at times but if you truly want it, go for it.

What’s one posing tip for all of us amateurs!?

The more natural the better. You want to look like you were caught in a moment, not like you’re posing for your 3rd grade dance recital.

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Photos by @heyryank

Interview with model Danielle Victoria by Erin Aschow on Revenge Bakery


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