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DIY Edible Glitter Ice Cubes

DIY Edible Glitter Ice Cubes Erin Aschow Lifestyle Blog Revenge BakeryDIY Edible Glitter Ice Cubes Erin Aschow Lifestyle Blog Revenge BakeryDIY Edible Glitter Ice Cubes Erin Aschow Lifestyle Blog Revenge Bakery

Is there really such a thing as too much glitter? NOPE! Remember that one time I did a confetti photoshoot and had glitter stuck in my hair for weeks? Totally worth it. For all my glitter loving gals, this next post has your name written all over it! Not only do these glitter ice cubes make a pretty decoration, you can actually eat them! Or I guess technically drink them! They look oh so sparkly in water, wine or even a mixed drink! I highly recommend whipping up a batch for your next party or girls night! Continue Reading

Punk Rock Puppy: DIY DOG SHIRT

The best dog bed couch from Wayfair - Doug the DogDIY Dog Shirt - Slayer T-Shirt Doug the Dog and blogger Erin Aschow Doug the Dog - Instagram Dog - Cavachon - Fancy Dog Bed

I’m a huge collector of band merch. I’ve been adding t-shirts & sweatshirts to my collection for almost 20 years. I have tons of vintage shirts, but also like to buy new ones from stores like Hot Topic and even on Amazon. One of my favorite blog posts of all time is my DIY Choker Cutout T-Shirt because it’s a fun way of updating some of my old band tees! Which got me thinking… it’s about time Doug got a wardrobe upgrade. Doug has tons of outfits and costumes, but no band t-shirts! I thought it was only fitting – since both of his humans love music – that Doug get his very own DIY Dog Shirt! Continue Reading

Revenge Home: DIY Bar & Game Room with Mixbook

DIY Home Bar Reclaimed Wood Wall and Shelves DIY Game Room - Hallway transformed into a game room - Star Wars Framed Photos & Shuffle Board Table DIY Bar and Game Room - Vintage Star Wars Art

You guys, I just realized I’ve never done any type of home tour on the blog! Part of that is on purpose though. With social media and blogging, it can be really easy to have your entire life on display. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a few things your keep private. A “safe space” that’s just yours and can’t be judged or discussed. AND we’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple of years updating our house. I didn’t want to share anything until it was done and exactly how we wanted it! So I thought it would be fun to give a little glimpse into one of my favorite rooms of our house, the game room! Continue Reading

DIY Spa Day: How To Pamper Yourself At Home

Treat Yo Self: DIY Spa Day

There’s really nothing better than a spa day. Relaxing, listening to soothing music & detoxing from your daily life. Just because you can’t visit a fancy day spa doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to an at-home spa day. Throwing a face mask on is great, but with a little planning you can take your at-home relaxation to the  next level. Follow these simple steps to decompress & create a relaxing, at home spa experience. Continue Reading

How To: Boho Beachy Waves with a Straightener

How To: Boho Beachy Waves with a Straightener - Erin Aschow Revenge Bakery

How To: Boho Beachy Waves with a Straightener - Erin Aschow Revenge Bakery

I get a ton of questions about how I do my hair – and to be honest, I’m pretty lazy! TBH, I only wash my hair like once a week. I live off of dry conditioner and messy ponytails. A lot of the time I do wear it down though. My hair used to be super long & I recently went a little shorter. But my styling tactics have basically stayed the same. I like messy, beachy boho waves. I don’t like overly styled ringlets or using heaps of product. The best part about my little “hair tutorial” is that I use a straightener! That’s right, you only need one  tool to get a ton of different styles! Continue Reading

Mermaid Hair Tutorial – DIY Dyed Hair Extensions

L'Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent for Brunette Hair, #TealL'Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent for Brunette Hair, #TealL'Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent for Brunette Hair, #TealL'Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent for Brunette Hair, #Teal

You guys… I dyed my hair TEAL! Just kidding! A lot of you guys have been asking about my recent hair “makeover” and I thought I’d reveal… it’s not real! So who’s ready for a little mermaid hair tutorial? As you know, I love a good weave. I’ve been wearing different types of extensions for about a decade and have no shame in talking about it. They’re awesome for giving that long, luxurious mermaid hair you see all over Instagram. Continue Reading

Mermaid Ice Cream Cones

Shirt: Haola Sunglasses: ZeroUV Jeans: DSTLD

A few weeks ago on Instagram I announced a fun “Create Your Own Ice Cream Flavor Contest”! There were so many fun flavor ideas, from Tres Leches Cake to Hot Cheeto Burrito. Sadly, I don’t think I could make a burrito flavored ice cream and not have it ruin the flavor for me forever. The winning flavor idea: MERMAID ICE CREAM! Ok, so that’s not really a flavor. But I loved the idea! I wanted to make something pretty and totally IG worthy. Continue Reading

DIY Concert Piggy Bank

So your favorite band just announced they’re going on tour. BEST NEWS EVER! The only problem is… your bank account was not prepared for those VIP tickets & t-shirt you have your eye on. The solution? A Concert Bank! It’s not always easy to set money aside, but when it’s this cute, it’s easy to throw your change and extra bucks in! Continue Reading

DIY: Give Your Vans a Patch Makeover

Summer Fashion Patches DIY Vans by Erin Aschow

Revenge Bakery Lifestyle Blog DIY Patch Vans Shoes Project

It seems like all of the cool kids I follow are wearing a ton of cute pieces that are styled with patches. I love how nostalgic the whole patch trend feels. It reminds me of my tricked out girl scout uniform – you better believe I sold the sh*t out of some cookies in my prime. I also still have my denim jacket from high school that I started adding band patches to – which totally wasn’t cool at the time, but I obviously didn’t care. Continue Reading

How To Throw an Epic Galentine’s Day Party

heart frame


Valentine’s Day can be kind of a buzz kill. Not everyone has a significant other. Not everyone gets to spend V-day with the one they love. Not all Valentinexpectations are always fulfilled. But you know what everyone does have… a squad. So whether you’ve got plans with your boo or are looking for something to keep yourself preoccupied, you should totally celebrate your favorite friends! This year, I’m all about Galentine’s Day. Because let’s be real, girls are the only ones who really care about the holiday anyways. 

In the words of Leslie Knope… It’s wonderful and it should be a national holiday.

Continue Reading