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The DL: Amazon Prime Day 2017

So WTF is Amazon Prime Day? You guys know I basically live off of Amazon Prime. If I run out of coffee, I can get free same day delivery on my Nespresso Pods, they have tons of cute & affordable clothes, I can stock up on makeup and beauty products and even have toilet paper delivered automatically. You think I’m joking about that last one… nope, I can always count on Amazon to deliver those important items in under 2 days.

So what exactly is Amazon Prime Day? Once a year… on July 10th this year at 6 PM PT (9 PM ET) Prime Day is a one-day only world-wide sale exclusively for Prime members. Amazon has a Prime Day landing page, but it’s only show a tiny fraction of all the deals. You might also think that the deals themselves are all that you can save, but there are tons more. AND, there are ways to save more money on top of the deals. If you aren’t somewhat prepared for the sale, you’re going to be overwhelmed. So, I’m giving some of my top tips & picks for shopping the sale. Continue Reading

Blogger Babe on a Budget

Blogger Babe on a BudgetHow To Live Like A Blogger On A Budget

We’ve all been there. Hell, I’m still there. It’s summer, which means everyone is out in full force spending money. Everything from cute new outfits, vacations, concerts, cocktails, road trips & restaurants. It all adds up! To make matters worse, every time you pull up your Instagram feed it seems like all everyone posts about is the money they’re spending and the crazy lavish summers they’re having. So, how do you live large like a Blogger Babe on a Budget? Continue Reading

One Piece 101: Flattering Swim Suits Under $50

Summer Swimsuits 2017Erin Aschow Revenge Bakery One Piece SwimsuitsErin Aschow Revenge Bakery favorite swimsuits 2017Lifestyle Blogger Erin Aschow favorite swimsuits

Swim Suit: AdoreMe Shorts: Blanknyc Sandals: Rebecca Minkoff Hat: Similar Here

Alright, let’s talk about the most dreaded time of year: swimsuit season. Does anyone else cringe at the idea of having to find swimsuits? There’s nothing worse than going to the mall and trying swimsuits on in fluorescent lit rooms. This year, I switched things up a bit and did all of my shopping online. I found a handful of suits that I liked and had them sent to my house. Then, I waited until a morning when I was feeling good and in a peppy mood and tried them on in my own room, with my own lighting & mirrors. Literally a game changer. The best part? I just popped the ones I didn’t like back in the mail and returned them! I’ve gotta say, I’m down for the One Piece trend. Please, never go out of style! Continue Reading


Fun Adult Pool Food Floats for SummerPizza Food Floats for the Pool

Swimsuit Top: Maaji Shorts: Forever 21 Sunglasses: Amazon Bag: Dagne Dover

You guys… it’s almost summer! What better way to kick off pre-summer fun than with some RIDICULOUSLY awesome pool floats!? Obviously, I’m going to be lounging on a food float. What’s better than dreaming of pizza and donuts while you’re lounging in the water?

Fun pool floats are everywhere. I feel like I see a ton of cute ones on Instagram and Pinterest, but never know where to buy them. So I did some digging and found them for you! It’s my duty as a foodie to bring you the Best Pool Floats of 2017, which just so happen to be FOOD FLOATS! Grab a fancy drink, stock up on your favorite inflatable food and get ready to soak up some sun!

Continue Reading

Style Steal: Booties on a Budget

Jeffrey Campbell Taggart Dupe at Target

I’m a huge fan of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, but not a huge fan of the price. I got lucky and found Jeffrey Campbell’s Taggart Bootie on sale for 70% off, but it’s hard to justify paying almost $200 for a pair of shoes. Since I’ve worn them a few times and have gotten questions about them, I’ve been on the hunt for a better deal. Aka a dupe.  Continue Reading

DIY: Give Your Vans a Patch Makeover

Summer Fashion Patches DIY Vans by Erin Aschow

Revenge Bakery Lifestyle Blog DIY Patch Vans Shoes Project

It seems like all of the cool kids I follow are wearing a ton of cute pieces that are styled with patches. I love how nostalgic the whole patch trend feels. It reminds me of my tricked out girl scout uniform – you better believe I sold the sh*t out of some cookies in my prime. I also still have my denim jacket from high school that I started adding band patches to – which totally wasn’t cool at the time, but I obviously didn’t care. Continue Reading

Festival Style + Giveaway

coachella fashion

I may not be going to Coachella this year, but that doesn’t mean I’m not all about the festival fashion! I went 4 years in a row for work back when I worked in the music industry (and also went to Stagecoach). It was a ton of fun, but I definitely got burnt out on the crowds, heat & insane prices. This year, I’m saving my money and stocking up my closet instead!  Continue Reading