Low Budget Interior: How to Redecorate Your Room for Less

Low Budget Interior: How to Redecorate Your Room for Less

We moved into our house about 2 years ago. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to make-over every room. Easier said than done. It’s so hard to figure out what works, places to shop & not totally break the bank. Our bedroom right now is pretty basic (and not in a cool, pumpkin spice, yoga pants wearing way). So, I decided to challenge myself and start looking for ways to give it a little makeover for under $100. As you know, since I’m officially slaying my 30 Days Until 30 Countdown, I might as well get my room looking super glam & grown up. Whether you just moved into a new room/dorm room or are looking for a little refresher, you can totally update your space on a budget!

I instantly feel like Cher in Clueless giving a makeover. So in the wise words of Dionne…

C’mon, let me! My main thrill in life is a makeover. It gives me a sense of control in a world full of chaos.

Tips For Decorating On A Budget

Use Elements You Already Own To Start

Sometimes, it’s as simple as finding something and repurposing it. Maybe you have an old rug or some pillows on the couch that you can use to transform the vibe of your bedroom. Maybe your grandma has an old rug she’s not using that will add a little warmth and dimension to your room. Try to think outside of the box before throwing everything away!

Get Crafty

Why not build your own headboard? If you like a rustic aesthetic, grab some distressed plywood or pallets, some nuts & bolts & throw on your tool belt. Or, repurpose something unusual like an old door, shutters, windows, tile or fabric! One of my favorite DIY headboards is simply taking a curtain rod and a curtain & putting it up behind the bed instead of over the windows! >> If you’re looking for cheap curtains, THIS is one of my favorite sites <<

Lighting is Key

Good lighting is key. My first investment for any room is updated lighting. It’s the easiest way to turn a dark, cave like room into a warm and inviting space. Instead of spending a ton of money on a lamp, just swap out the shade! You can find tons of awesome shades for around $10 on Amazon. Twinkle Lights & candles are also another fun, inexpensive way to make a space feel cozier.

Create a Pinterest Board

Instead of just buying stuff at random, create a Pinterest board to brainstorm some ideas and get a better sense of what style you’re going for. Once you have a good idea of what you want your room to look like, it will be easier to keep an eye out for deals on decor and furniture that fit your plan. PS if you’re not already following me, you can check out some of my decor boards on Pinterest!

Hold Out for Sales

If you find something and fall in love with it, but it doesn’t quite fit your budget, don’t stress! I use Shop Style to set alerts. That way, when something goes on sale, I get an email reminder!

Speaking of sales, a lot of times you can get awesome discounts when you sign up for a website’s mailing list. Sites like Wayfair and World Market send out some awesome newsletter coupons!

Room Makeovers for Under $100

Depending on what your style is, here are a few ideas I have for making over a room for under $100. Which one is your favorite!?


Edgy Bedroom Makeover


$100 Bedroom Makeover - Edgy decor

Looking to give your bedroom a little extra edge? Glam meets rock when you add blacks, grays & metallic accents. Start with a simple, clean black and gray comforter set,then throw on a fun studded accent pillow to add a little dimension. A skull candle holder is the perfect way to set the mood. Instead of picture frames, use a photo mobile to display all of your favorite photos and polaroids. Finally, add a statement print & chic marble clock.



Romantic Bedroom Makeover


$100 Bedroom Makeover - Romantic Bedroom

Turn your bedroom into a love nest with a couple of quick updates! I’m obsessed with this Reversible Duvet Set! Not only is it super cute, you basically get 2 updates in one! A little Rose Garland is the perfect headboard alternative. Or, use it to accent your door or window frame! Add a Pink Faux Fur Throw to add a pop of color and texture to your bed. Antique mercury glass is the perfect way to make your space more romantic, I love this glass bottle & stopper! Instead of individual picture frames, use this brushed wire frame to show off all of your photos.


Modern Bedroom Makeover


$100 Bedroom Makeover - Modern Bedroom

Add a little color to your room with this Paint Splatter Bedding Set! Next, pick up a pop art poster like this fun and colorful Marilyn Monroe print! This Geometric Clock can be mounted on your wall, or set up on your bedside table. Update your mood lighting with a fun, Geometric Puzzle Pendant Light. Adding some Disco Ball Light Garland is the perfect way to spice up your space, either around a headboard or hanging across the ceiling.



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