Revenge Bakery: Metal Mondays

Revenge Bakery Metal Monday

Alright… so in honor of my last post and the positive vibes I received across the intrawebs, I’ve decided to start a new series called “Metal Mondays”.

So you’re thinking, “Erin, there are shit tons of Metal Mondays, why should I read yours”. Ok well, how many of them are inspired by a mutual love of  extreme riffs and intense sugar rushes? I’ve decided to incorporate a little more of “myself” into the blog. So expect more music, leather, studs, glitter, head banging & pizzaritos.

This week’s Metal Monday is dedicated to the season’s finest upcoming festivals. I mentioned in my last post a few insane festivals coming up this summer that would be insane to go to.  So I’m going to highlight a few of my fave “Metal Must Haves”.

One band I have to highlight is Caliban. They’re a German band who would technically be considered “metalcore” I guess? I don’t really care, they’re awesome. Most of their upcoming tour dates are at festivals/in Europe. So if I have any followers in Europe, go get it! I’ll be there with you in spirit. For anyone who hasn’t check them out… I’m a huge fan of their Album I Am Nemesis. One of my fave songs from the album is “We Are the Many”. Definitely gets me in the mood to bake up some cupcakes and smash them into my face.

Metal Monday

Also… my new favorite shoes? Not the greatest show shoes, but you could totally get away with them if you’re an old grandma like myself and watch from the very back! They’re pretty awesome, black (my favorite color), strappy & studded. Oh and how could not be obsessed with neon dies flowers. Instant purchase.

If you’re looking for some new Spring concert clothes, below are my top picks! Including my new studded sandals! Just click to shop!

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  • Ashley Graham
    March 30, 2016 at 4:32 am

    Make something with this in it… Biscoff cookie butter OMG it’s heaven!!

  • Ashley Graham
    March 30, 2016 at 4:40 am

    So you can answer or not, either way I understand. Does Tony ever have any input or he is he excited that you can whip up anything in a hurry, which I’m sure he loves after being gone on tour and eating crap all the time. I can imagine it’s hard. My Dad used to race Dragsters and we would be constantly eating sandwiches or just whatever we could grab. Now the guys and girls are spoiled with catered food. Our food was what do you want on your sandwich today. Lol .. Just sharing. He is also a celebrity in his time. His name in Marvin Graham aka Marvin Who Graham. He was inducted into the racing hall of fame about 6 or so years ago. If you look him up under NHRA.