Stay At Home Club: Movie Night Essentials

movie night essentials

I’m a big fan of lazy movie nights (or even days). We have subscriptions to literally every movie channel/app on Apple TV possible. I love that you don’t even need cable to have HBO or SHOWTIME now. It’s literally the greatest invention for people who love to stay at home like me. One of my favorite parts about having movie nights is making a complete night out of it, and nothing beats getting cozy on the couch with tons of snacks!

Tony and I love watching movies and even binge watching TV shows. I love a good excuse to watch an entire season of a show in a few hours. When he’s on tour, I frequently turn our couch into a bed and get all bundled up with some wine and cheese. It’s literally one of my favorite things to do. Since the weekend is quickly approaching (ok maybe not), I decided to put together a list of my movie night essentials. It takes the movie watching experience to a whole new level, trust me. You’ll never want to leave your house again!

Movie Night Must Haves

Movie night essentials

1. A Cozy Blanket

This faux fur blanket from Anthropologie is literally the softest, coziest thing in the world. Faux fur is literally the best way to wrap yourself up and stay warm. When I have people over, I like to put a few out so that everyone has their own. It definitely helps people feel more comfortable and at home. If I’m alone, Doug & I just put them all out and lounge across them all.

2. A Popcorn Maker

Not all popcorn is created equally. A while ago I posted my Bitchin Buffalo Ranch Popcorn Recipe, which is a super fun way to take your popcorn to the next level. I think that popcorn made in an air popper tasted wayyyyy better than the popcorn you make in a bag in your microwave. I like this popcorn maker because no oil is necessary, making it super easy to clean up. It’s also easier to make smaller/larger portions when you DIY. If you’re not into the buffalo ranch flavor, just toss in a little butter and salt!

3. A Magnificent Goblet

For some reason, I have a thing for glasses. Any wine glass or glass in general works, but copper wine glasses from Pier 1 are so chic. I’m convinced they keep my rosé cool for longer. They also look super chic in case you want to throw a pic of your epic night on the gram!

4. Comfy Pajamas

Another extremely important component to a successful binge watching session. I’m sorry, but I don’t trust anyone who lounges in jeans. Let alone wears a bra while trying to relax. I love these cute pink pajamas from Eberjey because they’re made of a super soft, lightweight fabric. That way you can still get the full effect of the faux fur blanket. Not to mention the elastic waistband – you know, because snacks happen.

5. Slip On Some Slippers

Who the F wears shoes when they’re laying on the couch? I can’t. Sorry. Just no. I also hate sleeping or trying to relax in socks. They just bug me. So that’s why I wear my cozy Scuffette slippers from UGG about 90% of the time. They come in tons of colors if you’re not into pink. And are made from wool but shaped to feel and wear like shearling.

6. Cheese Please

No movie night at our house is complete without me binging on a giant cheese plate. Tony gets his own, separate portion… I’m very territorial (kidding). A cute marble cheese board is a definite must. Even if you’re not watching movies with your friends, it takes the experience to the next level, trust me. I get my cheese from Trader Joe’s a lot of the time because they have a really good selection and it’s reasonably priced. But you can also order some fancy cheese assortments on Amazon and have them ship it to you directly!

7.  Servinge Bowls

Ok so this is one of the times where I’ve realized I’m finally a grown up. I own serving bowls! Seriously, I don’t just throw bags of chips onto the table. I have an assortment of serving bowl sizes that are super handy. They’re perfect for serving your popcorn, chips, dips, candy, etc. And they look nice (you know, for Instagram)!

movie night essentials

8. Wine Please & Thx

What is movie night without wine? I mean, nothing goes together better than a Nicholas Sparks tear jerker and bottle of wine. My new fave thing is using Winc for wines. Basically, wine magically shows up at your doorstep. Then, you don’t have to deal with going to the grocery store and trying to figure out WTF to buy. It’s really helpful if you’re a newbie wine drinker (or even if you’re an old pro) because they recommend different bottles based on your taste. The best part? You get $20 off of your first order, meaning FREE WINE!

9. Food On Demand

Ok I don’t know what I did before technology made it possible for me to order food from my favorite restaurants and have it delivered straight to me. Postmates is literally the greatest invention ever. I order everything from ramen to cheesecake and have it dropped off at my doorstep. That means I can stay in my pajamas, no need for a movie intermission. If you’ve never used it, you can also get a $100 credit! YES! Free food too!

10. I Want Candy

What movie night is complete without candy? I’m waiting… see, it’s the truth. I’m #obsessed with all things Sugarfina. They make gummy bears with actual Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne, making you feel super boujie and sophisticated while you stuff your face with candy. It’s the fashionable way to get your sugar rush.

11. Set The Mood With A Candle

Tony get’s so annoyed with my candle obsession. I literally light them all over the house all day long. They just make me feel zen. Added bonus, they make everything smell nice! I’m in love with Diptyque candles – they smell ammmmmmazing. So I always light them when we have people over to “set the mood”.

12. I Scream You Scream We All Scream For Ice Cream

To have a true movie night, you need ice cream. Not to mention, the process of going to the grocery store and getting to browse the ice cream selections is pretty exciting. I always like to go with the most over the top flavor possible. Jenny’s makes a Gooey Butter Cake flavor that is to die for. But you really can’t go wrong. So just follow your heart, grab a spoon & dig in!

Who’s ready for a movie night!? I need movie recommendations now! Let me know what your favorite movies are!

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