Punta Mita Mexico Travel Diaries

Four Seasons Punta MitaDog friendly hotel Four Seasons Punta MitaErin of Revenge Bakery at Four Seasons Punta MitaFour Seasons Punta Mita

It’s been a couple of weeks since I got back from Mexico, but it’s taken me a longer than expected to get all of my pictures uploaded. My SD card broke – RIP – and I had to get it fixed to pull the pictures, so annoying. For anyone who follows me on Instagram, you know I went to The Four Seasons Punta Mita, Mexico for a week with my Dad and sister. I haven’t posted much about my family on here, so I thought it would be a fun way to introduce you to that part of my life! Crazy… I have family, right!? Continue Reading

Vans Warped Tour 101

First time heading to the Vans Warped Tour? Don’t worry, I’m an old pro. I went to Warped for my first time when I was 13 years old! Not to date myself… but that was a while ago! When I was a teenager, it was the highlight of my summer. My friends and I counted down until our date every year and it was definitely one of the highlights of our year. To this day, it still makes me nostalgic & I love the fact that you can go and see a ton of your favorite and new bands all in one place – for the price of one ticket! Continue Reading

The Not So Dirty Truth About Sponsored Posts

All About Paid Social Media Posts and Influencer SponsorshipsThe Not So Dirty Truth About Paid Posts and Sponsorships

Joining the ranks of politics and pooping, there’s a new hush hush topic on the scene: Sponsored Posts. It’s almost impossible to go on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or a blog without seeing the dreaded #SP, #AD or #SPONSORED hashtag. Whether it’s your favorite celeb promoting a private jet or an up and coming influencer pushing teeth whitening kits, it’s everywhere. Welcome to 2017, marketing and advertising is now dependent upon influencers & bloggers. Continue Reading

How to Be a Grownup and Get Shit Done

T-Shirt: Missguided Shorts: Blank NYC Sunglasses: Forever 21 (similar here) Shoes: Converse Bracelets: Shashi

Ahh growing up. It’s a double edged sword. You’re allowed to do whatever you want, but that also means you’re responsible for everything.

Even though I had a full time job at 16 and moved out at 17, there’s something a lot different about being in your 20s. It’s kind of like you have a realization that you have to get your shit together. In your mid and late 20s, you start scrambling because you realize you don’t have it together and look around and wonder how everyone else seems so composed. Continue Reading

The Revenge Guide to Eating Like an American: Best Food in Washington

Erin and Tony at the Lincoln Memorial plus the best food in WashingtonWhoa, whoa, whoa… I’M BACK! If you hadn’t noticed, I took a little “blog break” this past week. Primarily because I was on vacation, and wanted to just relax. Sometimes it’s really important to just disconnect. As much as I love work and my blog, my brain just needed a second to recharge. That being said, I realized I totally forgot to post a recap from my quick stop in Washington, D.C.! It feels like a lifetime ago, but was literally only like 2 weeks ago. Continue Reading

One Piece 101: Flattering Swim Suits Under $50

Summer Swimsuits 2017Erin Aschow Revenge Bakery One Piece SwimsuitsErin Aschow Revenge Bakery favorite swimsuits 2017Lifestyle Blogger Erin Aschow favorite swimsuits

Swim Suit: AdoreMe Shorts: Blanknyc Sandals: Rebecca Minkoff Hat: Similar Here

Alright, let’s talk about the most dreaded time of year: swimsuit season. Does anyone else cringe at the idea of having to find swimsuits? There’s nothing worse than going to the mall and trying swimsuits on in fluorescent lit rooms. This year, I switched things up a bit and did all of my shopping online. I found a handful of suits that I liked and had them sent to my house. Then, I waited until a morning when I was feeling good and in a peppy mood and tried them on in my own room, with my own lighting & mirrors. Literally a game changer. The best part? I just popped the ones I didn’t like back in the mail and returned them! I’ve gotta say, I’m down for the One Piece trend. Please, never go out of style! Continue Reading


Fun Adult Pool Food Floats for SummerPizza Food Floats for the Pool

Swimsuit Top: Maaji Shorts: Forever 21 Sunglasses: Amazon Bag: Dagne Dover

You guys… it’s almost summer! What better way to kick off pre-summer fun than with some RIDICULOUSLY awesome pool floats!? Obviously, I’m going to be lounging on a food float. What’s better than dreaming of pizza and donuts while you’re lounging in the water?

Fun pool floats are everywhere. I feel like I see a ton of cute ones on Instagram and Pinterest, but never know where to buy them. So I did some digging and found them for you! It’s my duty as a foodie to bring you the Best Pool Floats of 2017, which just so happen to be FOOD FLOATS! Grab a fancy drink, stock up on your favorite inflatable food and get ready to soak up some sun!

Continue Reading

12 Must Have Travel Carry On Essentials


I’m headed back out on the road next week and am already in packing mode. I like to make sure that I’m completely covered a few days before leaving, just in case I need to make a last minute Amazon Prime order! Since I fly a few times a month, I’ve gotten it down to a science. I have a few things that I always carry in my carry on bag – which doubles as a bus bag. My bag got lost the last time I traveled, so I was glad that I had a few key things in my carry on to hold me over. I wanted to share a few of my travel essentials that will help you survive a flight, layovers & long travel! Continue Reading

Single Serving Rice Krispies

Rice Krispies treats are kind of a tradition in my family. I feel like growing up, they’re kind of a staple. Probably because they’re super easy & cheap to make. And rarely do kids complain about them. Making a full batch isn’t necessarily hard or time consuming, but it leaves you a ton of dessert. This recipe is perfect for a quick treat or a way to use that last cup of cereal left in the box.  Continue Reading

DIY Concert Piggy Bank

So your favorite band just announced they’re going on tour. BEST NEWS EVER! The only problem is… your bank account was not prepared for those VIP tickets & t-shirt you have your eye on. The solution? A Concert Bank! It’s not always easy to set money aside, but when it’s this cute, it’s easy to throw your change and extra bucks in! Continue Reading