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Loaded Spicy Chipotle Queso Mexican Pizza

Loaded Spicy Chipotle Queso Mexican Pizza RecipeLoaded Spicy Chipotle Queso Mexican Pizza RecipeLoaded Spicy Chipotle Queso Mexican Pizza Recipe

The first time I ever ordered a Mexican Pizza was at Taco Bell. Literally everything at Taco Bell is amazing. Unfortunately, I can’t live off off of T-Bell. Recently, Tony and I have been on a major pizza making kick. We got a new grill and love throwing pizzas on the bbq! It’s literally one of the easiest, tastiest dinners. We’ve started getting creative, throwing pizza making parties for our friends & putting out tons of fun toppings. Everything from leftover bbq chicken to buffalo Alfredo sauce. The next obvious creation on our list was a Mexican Pizza. Let me tell you… it did not disappoint. Continue Reading

DIY Edible Glitter Ice Cubes

DIY Edible Glitter Ice Cubes Erin Aschow Lifestyle Blog Revenge BakeryDIY Edible Glitter Ice Cubes Erin Aschow Lifestyle Blog Revenge BakeryDIY Edible Glitter Ice Cubes Erin Aschow Lifestyle Blog Revenge Bakery

Is there really such a thing as too much glitter? NOPE! Remember that one time I did a confetti photoshoot and had glitter stuck in my hair for weeks? Totally worth it. For all my glitter loving gals, this next post has your name written all over it! Not only do these glitter ice cubes make a pretty decoration, you can actually eat them! Or I guess technically drink them! They look oh so sparkly in water, wine or even a mixed drink! I highly recommend whipping up a batch for your next party or girls night! Continue Reading

World’s Best Edible Cookie Dough Recipe

World's Best Edible Cookie Dough RecipeWorld's Best Edible Cookie Dough RecipeWorld's Best Edible Cookie Dough RecipeWorld's Best Edible Cookie Dough Recipe

Shirt: Tilly’s / Shorts: Forever 21 / Necklace: Miranda Frye / Rings: Urban Outfitters

Remember when you were a kid (or adult) and you would make cookies & your parents would tell you that you weren’t allowed to eat cookie dough because it would make you sick? I’m still not 100% convinced on this myth, because I’ve never gotten sick & I’ve eaten a boat load of cookie dough in my years. BUT, to be safe… I decided to share my go to recipe for EDIBLE COOKIE DOUGH! For real. It’s an actual thing. Now you can lick the spoon & eat the entire bowl without living in fear. Dreams do come true guys, miracles happen. And this time, in the form of ooey gooey magical cookie dough. Continue Reading

Donut Bar x Revenge Bakery – Interview With the World’s Best Donut Shop

When I first moved to San Diego, it became my mission to find the best food and coolest restaurants. I started following food blogs, Instagram accounts, Yelp & would keep an eye out for new restaurants popping up around our neighborhood. One of the first spots that hit my radar was Donut Bar. Everywhere I looked and everyone I talked to knew about Donut Bar & their infamous concoctions. The first 4 times I tried to visit their store, they were closed because they had sold out. Seriously! 4 times in a row! I started getting a little discouraged. But knew that if a donut shop was selling out of treats every day, it was worth the trek. Continue Reading

S’mores Waffles Recipe

Is there really anything better than weekend waffles? Growing up, waffles were reserved for special occasions. So I always feel like it’s going to be a good day if I start it with a fresh batch stacked waffles. Every once in a while, I’ll randomly get out my waffle iron and try to think of a more exciting topping concoction. This weekend, I combined two of my favorites: waffles + s’mores. Continue Reading

Mermaid Ice Cream Cones

Shirt: Haola Sunglasses: ZeroUV Jeans: DSTLD

A few weeks ago on Instagram I announced a fun “Create Your Own Ice Cream Flavor Contest”! There were so many fun flavor ideas, from Tres Leches Cake to Hot Cheeto Burrito. Sadly, I don’t think I could make a burrito flavored ice cream and not have it ruin the flavor for me forever. The winning flavor idea: MERMAID ICE CREAM! Ok, so that’s not really a flavor. But I loved the idea! I wanted to make something pretty and totally IG worthy. Continue Reading

Single Serving Rice Krispies

Rice Krispies treats are kind of a tradition in my family. I feel like growing up, they’re kind of a staple. Probably because they’re super easy & cheap to make. And rarely do kids complain about them. Making a full batch isn’t necessarily hard or time consuming, but it leaves you a ton of dessert. This recipe is perfect for a quick treat or a way to use that last cup of cereal left in the box.  Continue Reading

Guac & Roll Nacho Recipe

Erin Aschow - Revenge Bakery Nacho RecipeErin Aschow of Revenge Bakery's Nacho and Guacamole RecipeErin Aschow of Revenge Bakery's Nacho and Guacamole Recipe

You guys, it’s almost Cinco de Mayo! You know me, I love any excuse to eat Mexican food! If I could live on nachos all day every day, you better bet I’d find a way. I have literally the EASIEST recipe for nachos that I wanted to share with you. Not only are do they take 5 minutes, but they’re a HUGE crowd pleaser. I make them for parties all the time. They get gobbled up in seconds and it’s super easy to throw another batch together! Perfect for your Cinco de Mayo party, next girls night or even a lazy night watching movies at home. Continue Reading