30 Pairs of Sunglasses Under $30

30 pairs of sunglasses under 30 dollars

As you guys know, we’re currently in the 30 days until 30 countdown. So, we’re keeping the theme of 30 going with this post.

There’s nothing worse than reaching into your purse, throwing your sunglasses on and realized there’s a giant scratch across the lens.


It pains me just to think about it!

I used to buy fancy sunglasses. Note: USED TO.

Back in the day, I had quite the collection of Tom Ford, Chanel, Prada & Gucci sunglasses. I literally guarded them with my life. I made sure they were carefully placed into their case & would check my purse for them every ten minutes, making sure I hadn’t forgotten them somewhere or dropped them.

Fortunately, stores like Forever 21 and Asos have really stepped up their sunglasses game. Even AMAZON – my favorite secret sunglasses retailer has a ton of awesome finds!

Top Inexpensive Sunglasses

Honestly, aside from the price tag, the only real difference between a $40 pair of sunglasses and a $300 pair is a logo. Not to be “that girl”, but you can easily find designer knock offs of your favorite sunglasses on eBay, Amazon & at most fast fashion retailers. I will say, that if you’re looking for optimum UV protection, you probably won’t get it from a discount pair of sunnies. BUT, you can totally get a cute new pair without sacrificing your entire savings account.

Best Places to Find Cheap Sunglasses

I like to buy my sunglasses online most of the time, but you can also find them pretty easily at the mall or when you’re walking around touristy areas. You just have to do a little digging.

Some of my favorite places to find cheap sunglasses:

++ Forever 21 ++

++ ASOS ++ 

++ Missguided ++

++ Nordstrom BP ++

++ Amazon ++

++ Rose Gal ++

++ Boohoo ++

++ Lulus ++


Sunglasses Under $30




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