Fall Edit: Vampy Drugstore Lipstick

Vampy Drugstore Lipstick Fall 2017

Fall is finally here! Hello sweaters, jackets, boots & hats! I’m so excited for crop tops and short shorts to be put into storage. I love fall and winter fashion, especially because darker colors come back into style and I can wear all black outfits every day. One trend I’m also excited to try out as the weather cools down: Vampy Lipstick. I’ll be channeling my inner Morticia Addams with some extra dark shades of lipstick.

Best Drugstore Lipsticks

You don’t have to break the bank to rock this trend. There are tons of drugstore friendly finds. Instead of breaking the bank, buying the drugstore version is a great way to try a new style. That way, you’re not wasting a ton of money if you don’t end up wearing it all the time. If you realize it’s you new signature staple, then you can always invest in a pricier purchase.

Dark Drugstore Lipsticks

I love beauty products, but there are a lot of things I have trouble justifying spending a ton of money on. More often than not, you can find what you’re looking for at half the price at your local drugstore. When it comes to lipstick, it’s really easy to find formulas that look expensive.

Whether you’re a fan of burgundy and blackberry, there’s a dark lipstick that suits every skin tone and coloring. Next time you’re about to throw on a red or pink lipstick, try out a deeper shade. It instantly updates your look and makes an edgy statement.

Vampy Lip Tips

Tip #1 Exfoliate

The worst feeling is when you put your lipstick on and it gets all cake and clumpy because your lips are dry. You can use a lip scrub or even a tooth brush to create a smooth canvas!

Tip #2 Chapstick

Moisture is key. Dark lipsticks (especially matte ones) can really dry your lips out. I like to throw on some chapstick before applying any lipstick. I also make sure to reapply when I take my makeup off before bed!

Tip #3 Liner is Clutch

It’s just like coloring, not having a line to stay inside can result in a messy abstract piece of art. I get nervous using lip liner, so I use this universal shade that works with everything! It’s invisible so you can’t really mess up!

Tip#4 Concealer

If you mess up, don’t fret. Instead of starting over, use a little concealer on a thin brush to cover up any boo boos.


Vampy Drugstore Lipstick Fall 2017


E.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick

Color: Bordeaux Beauty $3 – Shop HERE

The Lip Bar Lipstick

Color: Merlot $12 – Shop HERE

NYX Professional Makeup Liquid Suede Lipstick

Color: Club Hopper $6.99 – Shop HERE

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick

 Color: Backstage $8.99 – Shop HERE

COVERGIRL Katy Kat Matte Lipstick

Color: Plum Wine $6.49 – Shop HERE


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